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Commission: Spiral Wind by scorchwillow
Timeline expectations:

  • Humans:

Humans (full body or otherwise) will take me longer. You can expect three to four weeks, depending on what time of the year it is. 

  • Animals:

Animals will most likely not take as long, depending on what you request. You can expect one to two weeks for animal commissions. 

  • Writing:

I have not yet done a written commission, so please give me more time and have faith in me. I have used other people's characters before, but these are characters I know very well, so writing about characters I have not written about before will definitely take longer.

Please be patient. I do not mind a note asking about how everything is coming along, but do not rush me. 

*I may refuse to draw or write about certain characters, etc. if it goes against my faith or other personal beliefs.

**The amount of points can be altered if you cannot afford it. In order to inform me of this, please send me a note. 


Newest Deviations


I'm waiting for Tika, anxiety making me clench and unclench my fists. What will he say when he walks back through those doors? What will I be met with?
    Finally, the doors do open. Tika is expressionless, and I search his eyes for some hint of what he's going to say. Something bad? Something good? We could use some good news, but the chances of that happening aren't great. 
    The silence between us lengthens. "Tika..." I say. He meets my eyes steadily. Is that hope in his eyes? 
    "Luna, there's nothing certain right now," he begins. "So don't start assuming things." I nod impatiently, my heart hammering uncomfortably hard against my chest. "The med droids say Springer's... well, not better. But his condition is more stable now."
    It's hard not to let out a triumphant shout at those words. I fight back a grin, knowing things could change quickly. "In the meantime," Tika continues, "we're deploying to Utapau tomorrow."
    Suddenly I can't breathe. "Utapau?" I shut my eyes tight for a moment. "Tika--"
    "I don't have any say in it." His voice is hard. I open my eyes, looking at him in surprise. His cold indifference is so unlike the Tika I talked to two nights ago. "If we could, I would leave you here so you could be with him. But you're an ARC, and we can't leave someone like you behind."
    I'm silent. What can I say, anyways? Deep down, I know there's no use arguing. I might as well argue with a wall. "Look, Luna," he sighs. "I'm just as disappointed as you."
    For some reason, that ignites the anger that's been boiling in my chest. "You aren't!" I glare at him, my chest tight. "You can't be! He's my brother!"
    Tika looks startled. Then his gaze hardens. "Luna, this isn't just about Springer!" I'm shocked into silence. "It's about all of our men that have lost brothers!"
    "What, like Newt?" I shout. 
    My stomach drops. I can't believe I just said that. Just brought up the memory of Tika's brother. Just dared to touch all that pain. 
    Tika's eyes darken. "Never," he snarls, "talk about him again." I can't hold his gaze. My face burns with shame. I'm horrified that I did that. 
    Tika gives me a narrow-eyed stare before turning on his heel and stalking away. 
    I want to say sorry, but I don't know how. How can you apologize for tossing around a dead brother's name? 
    How can you apologize for someone you never knew? 
Star Wars: ARC Tales Chapter 4
The fourth chapter in my ARC Tales story. It's another filler, but things will pick up in the next one. 

Please leave thoughts and ideas! 

Chapter Three:…
Keto wondered if he was supposed to be more nervous about this mission. Yes, his heart was pounding, but part of that, if not most, was from uneasiness about his plan. 
    He knew Salia loved him. It wasn't just that she had told him so before; he could see it in her eyes. But did she love him enough to accept his idea? 
    As doubt started to gnaw at his chest, another problem worked its way into his mind: she was a Jedi now. It was different when she was a Padawan; the punishment probably wasn't as serious for younger Force-users. She was still a young Knight, so maybe the consequences wouldn't be as harsh yet. But still... was it right to even ask? What if the message was intercepted, and she was kicked out of the Order? 
    He scowled beneath his helmet. Why was this so difficult? Why wasn't it just like charging a line of droids-- just deciding that you were going to do it and then going through with it? Keto clenched one fist in frustration. It shouldn't have been this difficult. If you love her, why don't you just get it over with? a small voice hissed. Maybe you don't really love her as much as you think you do. 
    "Shab," he growled softly. 
    "What?" Kotar asked. Keto shook his head. Though the rest of the squad had guessed at their relationship months ago, it still wasn't something they discussed. Perhaps it was too uncomfortable, or it just didn't cross their minds. Either way, Keto was grateful that he didn't have to explain any of it to them.
    They were a squad now, but still... they wouldn't understand. 


Salia had intended to meditate, but too many thoughts were dancing around in her mind. Most were thoughts of Keto, the soldier she loved; some were of upcoming battles, but those were pushed out of the way. 
    Images of his face, alight with laughter, eyes glowing, intruded on her peace. She could clearly hear what he had said before his squad departed for Trandosha: "I love you, cyar'ika." His voice had been so gentle, so caring, that she still smiled, though her heart ached. 
    Would she have a life with him after the war? What happened to a Republic commando when there were no more missions, no more battles? Where could they go? 
    Keto was raised a Mandalorian; perhaps Mandalore would become their refuge? But Salia knew of the Mandalorians' history with Jedi. It was hardly likely that she would be accepted anywhere, even if she had Keto's support. And what if he didn't intend to carry on with their relationship? Then what?
    Salia had privately sworn to never doubt him, but now the questions were beginning to rise. Suddenly she stood, saying firmly, "That's enough, girl. If you keep doing this then you won't be able to look him in the eye again." 
    Sitting again, she pulled out her datapad. She wondered whether Keto had arrived on Trandosha yet. If he had, she didn't want to distract him... But if he has, then he'll just see it later, she told herself fiercely. With that thought in mind, she typed out a message.
    "Hi, sweetheart. How's everything going?"
    His reply was almost instant, so they hadn't landed yet. "Boring. Morgan won't shut up." Salia smiled. Morgan was extremely talkative, especially for a commando. If things were quiet, chances were he wouldn't be the same.
    "Do you have time to talk?"
    No response. Salia bit her lip anxiously. Was everything okay? Had they encountered a Separatist ship? She reached out tentatively to him in the Force, and found that he was hovering over a decision. She couldn't tell what it was, but something told her that it was important. Then something hardened in him, and a message appeared on her screen: 
    "Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde. Answer when you translate.
    Salia stared, and one hand slowly moved to cover her mouth. She was far from fluent in Mandalorian, yet Keto had taught her some. And he'd shown her the more important phrases in his spare time. She remembered from one of his lessons, a few weeks ago, that the words on her screen, those simple letters were a wedding vow. 
    The Knight felt tears spring to her eyes. Keto's love was true. How could she ever had doubted him? 
    She typed back as quickly as she could. "Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde." Then, after a second's thought, she added, "I love you."
    "I love you too. I have to go, cyar'ika." 
    Salia set the datapad aside and beamed at the sunset. She was married, she had a husband, they had a future...
    And it was a future together. 
We Are One Together
Keto and Salia are... married? Well, now they are! 

:iconcobracatdragon2898: Here it is! Okay, so it's not as long as I thought...

Keto belongs to me.
Salia belongs to :iconorcastardragon:
Star Wars belongs to Disney. 
Cast Picture #2 by scorchwillow
Cast Picture #2
The second cast picture from Seussical, Jr., in which I was Horton the elephant. The idea for the background comes from my director, who did a wonderful job with us, even though we didn't always make it easy! 

This pictures belongs to me, and may not be used in any way. 
Cast Picture #1 by scorchwillow
Cast Picture #1
This is from the musical Seussical, Jr. in which I played the lead role of Horton, an elephant who discovers a small world of "Whos" on a clover. Throughout the performance, he strives to show the jungle creatures that the Whos do exist, using this famous quote: "A person's a person no matter how small."

This picture belongs to me, and may not be used in any way. 
Softball quote by scorchwillow
Softball quote
This is a quote I found on Pintrest about softball catchers. I thought about Republic commandos soon after and thought it fit very well, so here is the finished product. 


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I'm a Star Wars geek, reader, writer, and future killer whale trainer.

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